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Located approximately 30 minutes north of Boston is New Penn’s Billerica terminal (09). It’s the largest inbound terminal in our company by a wide margin, averaging a total daily bill count of 500 inbound and 270 outbound shipments.

Billerica also services the operations for Portland and Augusta, ME. All of the peddles for Portland and Augusta are loaded in Billerica. Linehaul drivers pull the peddles from Billerica and take them to the Augusta and Portland terminals, which are actually drop lots at hotels.

City drivers on the Portland and Augusta teams make pick ups  and deliveries during the day, then the LH drivers come off rest  and bring those trailers back to Billerica for outbound distribution.

Getting our LH drivers from the southern part of the Company to Billerica timely is critically important to making the Maine operation work properly. Billerica also has the largest company shop in New England.

The employees of the Billerica, Portland, and Augusta terminals provide a quality service for
our customers in a congested, difficult market. The employees of Billerica are truly making it happen with quality as they are one of the company leaders in terms of deliveries per exception.

The Billerica, Portland, and Augusta teams are ready, willing, and able to service our customers!

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