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We love it when customers let us know how New Penn is helping their supply chain stay healthy.

Employee skill in action

Brett Brenner, General Mgr., Global Furniture Group, had this to say:

“Bill Hastings is one of your most valuable assets. Bill is everything you could possibly ask for in a representative/driver.

“I am hesitant to use the term ‘driver’ as that does not adequately describe who/what Bill is.

“He is always professional, courteous and detail-oriented. His nickname ‘Jenga Master’ is due to his ability to maneuver the load to maximize both the safety of the shipment(s) and the amount of freight on board.

“He checks the freight before loading to ensure it is properly secured to the skid.

“He has a sense of ownership with everything he touches, and you could not do any better for a daily representative of New Penn core values.

“Please make sure ‘Jenga Master’ knows how much we appreciate everything he does.

“New Penn should be proud to have an employee as dedicated to excellence as he is.”

Thank you, Brett! We are very proud of Bill and our team of dedicated New Penn employees.

Drivers like Bill Hastings exemplify exactly what it takes to be an industry leader!

Employee reliability

Joshua Park, Senior Logistics Specialist, GlobalTranz, shared his thoughts with us:

“Many of my customers in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic states prefer to use New Penn.

“They have proven reliable time and time again.

“Whether it is a standard one-day point LTL or a shipment riddled with accessorials and time constraints, New Penn keeps the bar high.

“Not to mention they are able to do so at an affordable cost.

“Also, being partnered with YRC Freight only furthers New Penn’s efficiency and broad service reach that my customers prefer.

“GlobalTranz is proud to be partnered with New Penn.”


A Confident Choice

Christopher Cadigan, Franchise Owner, Unishippers, let us know how he felt about New Penn:

“Whether it’s expedited services into Canada, standard next-day service to most points in the Northeast–or competitive Volume pricing–New Penn is a confident choice for our clients who rely on service! 

“New Penn is a critical carrier partner for Unishippers!”

By employing the very best drivers and employees in the industry, New Penn ensures our customers receive the very best in on-time, damage-free service.

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