Driver Recognized for Outstanding Customer Service

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Shippers looking to meet their transportation needs can find what they are looking for with New Penn, including superior regional, next-day ground services across the northeastern United States, Quebec, Canada and Puerto Rico.

This range of services is delivered by our team of transportation professionals, including New Penn employees like S. Kearny, NJ City Driver Steve Boone.

One of our customers recently took the time to write Todd McCloud (Steve’s Terminal Manager) some words of appreciation.

The Transportation Manager wrote, “He [Steve] is always polite. Nothing seems to be out of his way. He waits patiently even when our freight is not ready.”

And went on to say, “I have been with my company for 26 years. This is only the second driver I have come across in all that time that I would take the time to write about. Steve definitely deserves a big Thank You for his awesome customer service.”

For an extensive range of industry-leading services, delivered with outstanding customer service, New Penn employees like Steve Boone are always ready to deliver.

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