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Since 1931, New Penn has thrived by providing our customers with superior service. It’s our reliable and superior service that has helped New Penn earn Quest for Quality awards for 22 years as well as innumerable loyal, satisfied customers. It’s also the reason why New Penn is the regional-leader in next-day LTL shipping in the Northeast.

How do we define “superior service”?

First off, it’s having more next-day lanes than any other competitor in the region.

We offer next-day service on a whopping 93% of all U.S. shipments, delivered within an efficient, and comprehensive network of 24 terminals in the Northeast. There’s strength in New Penn.

Combine that with speed and reliability—

  • 98.3% on-time service
  • 99.8% pickups made as scheduled
  • Claim-free delivery ratio less than half the industry average at a near-perfect 99.9%

The next ingredient in our recipe for superior service is comprehensiveness.

We offer a wide variety of special service options, including expedited, Guaranteed, Cross-Border Canada, Freeze Protection, Specialized Solutions and more. Our scope of superior service offerings means New Penn has the solutions to meet your shipping needs.

We stand by our Guaranteed service. Every New Penn Guaranteed shipment comes with a 100% no invoice guarantee. If the shipment fails to arrive on-time and complete, there’s no invoice. We automatically zero out the invoice–there’s no need to file a claim.

What’s more, we offer that same no-nonsense guarantee to locations throughout Quebec and the Greater Toronto Area.

New Penn has been an established regional leader for well over 85 years, but we are dedicated to continuous improvement. We are one of the most efficiently operated carriers in the industry, and we have service metrics and shipper testimonials to back it up.

We continue to invest in our fleet, our technology and our people to serve our customers better.

In 2016, we added 56 new tractors and 80 new trailers to our fleet.

We also invested in new in-cab safety technology, routing and pricing tools and a redesigned, state-of-the-art website. These investments were all to provide our customers with better, more complete service options.

Our team is competitive and dedicated to being the best in the Northeast. So, the next time you need to ship in the Northeast, look no further than New Penn for superior, comprehensive, reliable service that stands out from the crowd.

Call 800.285.5000 to partner with the reliable regional leader in quality next-day, LTL shipping–New Penn.

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