Modern selling moves at lightning speed

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Modern deals are complex and involve multiple decision-makers with different agendas. There is stiff competition, and the service differential between one transportation provider and another isn’t as obvious as it once was. Closing a deal requires skill and precision.
Companies in our industry don’t employ as many salespeople as they did a few decades ago. Salespeople today need tools that provide instant access to key data, support effective planning, and keep the pipeline visible.

Last year, New Penn introduced as our Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) platform. It’s exactly what our sales team needed to slay the competition. Salesforce highlights:

  • Complete visibility of the sales pipeline, inclusive of where the deal stands in the sales cycle
  • Salesforce automatically calculates churn and sends a record to the salesperson so he or she can be proactive, rather than reactive
  • The ability to keep much better records on customers and contacts
  • The ability to quickly collaborate with team members across the Sales, Sales Support, Pricing, and IT areas to rally around customers and opportunities
  • Electronic management of problem resolution with full visibility on how quickly customer issues are being addressed
  • Moving our pricing-request process from paper to electronic, allowing us to be quicker to market with pricing proposals

In short, I’m bullish about 2018 for New Penn. We have the most next-day lanes in the Northeast. We have more next-day lanes to Canada from the Northeast than any LTL carrier in the marketplace. Our name is synonymous with next-day shipping in our footprint. We have the best drivers. Customers enjoy and want to do business with New Penn.

And now, our sales team has a state-of- the-art CRM that provides a 360-degree view of our customers. After all, the more knowledge you have, the better you do

New Penn Pulse

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