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It’s great to know that someone else is looking out for you. Whether at work or at play, it makes you feel more safe and secure to know someone else has your back. But those kinds of relationships don’t just happen overnight. It takes a level of trust that can’t be given quickly or easily. That level of trust has to be earned over many years.

Customers put their trust in New Penn every day, as they have for over 85 years. They count on us to look out for them and ensure that every request is addressed with genuine concern for the shipper’s needs, and that every load gets the same careful level of handling that’s earned us a 99.9% damage-free delivery record.

That’s true of all our services, including Guaranteed and hour-specific windows. When you need your shipment to arrive at a precise time of day or within a specific window of time, New Penn has the service to meet your needs. When you request a quote, we will guarantee delivery at the time promised. If we let you down, the shipment is free. No claim to file and no hassle, just an invoice for $0.00. It’s that simple.

We can only make that guarantee because we have the top team of transportation professionals in our region. The New Penn people you deal with today are probably the same people you dealt with last year and the same people you can expect to see next year. With our employees, as with our customers, we understand the tremendous importance of long relationships.

Other ways we look out for you? There’s a long list.

  • We keep things simple with streamlined pricing in plain English.
  • Our invoices are clear and easy to understand.
  • New Penn customer service people are always eager to help.

Customers rely on New Penn to look out for their freight and make sure each piece is delivered on time and damage-free. Wouldn’t you like a transportation partner that looks out for you?

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