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At New Penn, our footprint may have grown over the years, but our friendly professional regional service approach has remained the same. We are rooted in the communities our customers ship to, and we treat our customers like our neighbors.

If you need a carrier you can trust–one who knows the ins and outs of the region and is invested in area–that carrier is New Penn. We are large enough to handle all your shipping demands while also being small enough to develop comfortable relationships that deliver.

We are dedicated to providing best-in-class transportation solutions that keep your supply chain running on schedule. Because of our intense focus on the Northeast and Canada, shipping with New Penn brings you the advantage of a greater next-day reach. New Penn has more next-day lanes than any other carrier in our service area. And this ensures faster, more reliable service with fewer variables between pickup and delivery.

Our intense focus has also resulted in a 99.9% damage-free delivery rate. By implementing rigorous protocols and processes, damaged cargo is a rare occurrence. That means you enjoy reduced administrative costs, fewer disruptions to your supply chain, and more satisfied customers.

By remaining committed to the northeastern U.S. and Canada, we’ve also been able to cultivate an on-time performance rate of over 99%. Our Expedited and Guaranteed service options provide peace-of-mind. You can rest assured that your shipment will arrive on time. Those quicker transit times mean you get faster speed to market, quicker order-cycle times and lower inventory carrying costs.

Our regional focus also allows us to offer a more comprehensive selection of services, including Cross-Border Canada, Truckload, Freeze Protection, Consolidation & Distribution, Inter-Regional, Puerto Rico transportation solutions, and a variety of specialized solutions.

Regional expertise doesn’t just help in terms of performance, either. Our dedicated customer service team knows the region inside and out, and knows how to provide expert solutions to all your shipping needs.

New Penn has been providing industry-leading service throughout the Northeast since 1931. That commitment to service has earned us 22 years of Quest for Quality Awards and other industry honors. Still, our greatest reward comes in the form of satisfied customers.

Next time you need to ship in the Northeast, rely on the regional expertise that New Penn provides. Call 800-285-5000.

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