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Nowadays, it’s easy to take a lot of technology for granted. Things like computers, email and cell phones have become so deeply ingrained in our lives that it’s hard to even remember what life was like without them.

However, every once in a while technology comes to the rescue and reminds us just how much we owe to its existence.

That’s precisely what happened when long-time customers at Schneider Electric experienced a question from one of their customers about a shipment they could not find. Schneider Electric was confident the delivery had been made but was unable to locate the necessary documentation. In a bit of a bind, their IT Manager reached out to New Penn for help.

Thanks to our robust records database, a New Penn representative was able to quickly retrieve all of the necessary documentation from the shipment in question and provide it to Schneider Electric. What was just a routine request from our system proved the delivery had been made, when and where.

For every single New Penn shipment, an electronic image of its BOL and Delivery Receipt is added to our records database. Those records can then be called up instantaneously by either Pro number or Pickup Label number. All records are held on electronic file for a full five years before being stored.

“All of our customer service associates can readily assist customers with image retrieval,” said Randy Fisher, New Penn IT Manager. “The images are provided as PDF documents via email in a matter of minutes.”

Our records system ensures that all essential documentation about your New Penn shipments is kept safe and easily accessible at all times. While it’s something you might not think about often, it quickly reveals its significance in times of need.

Schedule your next shipment with New Penn by visiting or calling 800.285.5000 and rest easy knowing your critical shipping information is safe with us.

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