New Safety Technology at New Penn

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New Penn is working to keep roads safer by installing the latest collision avoidance technology in our tractors.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration tells us that the increasing volume of traffic on our streets and highways (as well as the increasing number of distracted drivers) has resulted in a higher frequency of accidents for every mile driven.

These statistics mean one thing—we need to continue finding solutions to the increasing safety challenges on our roads.

To help combat some of these challenges, New Penn has invested in the latest in-cab technology with audible collision avoidance alerts.

Existing tractors are being retrofitted with the technology and newly purchased tractors will come equipped with it.

How Does it Work?

Innovative vision-sensing technology helps raise the driver’s awareness of dangers by:

Observing traffic and pedestrians around the truck
Identifying potential dangers
Alerting drivers to take action
This collision avoidance technology “thinks ahead” and warns drivers of potential hazards before they occur, so the driver has ample time to react.

The system provides both new and seasoned drivers with an “extra eye” on the road. It sounds an alert if the tractor is approaching traffic ahead too quickly or if a car drifts into its lane.

New Penn is committed to being the safest and most reliable next-day carrier in our region with our safety training and awareness efforts, investments in the latest safety technologies and continued commitment to safety each day.

Let New Penn bring industry-leading service safely your way.

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