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Shoppers love the savings to be had from big-box warehouse clubs. Buying the things you need in larger quantities is a simple way to save a lot of money and simplify your shopping.

What’s true for flour and fruit is also true for freight.

When you need to move a large volume of freight–over 5,000 pounds or five or more skids–New Penn offers Volume shipping services, with some big benefits to you.

You save money two ways–by taking advantage of our open capacity on backhaul lanes and through reduced freight charges.

You can quickly find out just how much your shipment will cost by visiting and clicking on Volume Quotes or by talking with one of our Spot Volume Quote Specialists phone at 800-950-5046, ext. 4299. Either way, you’ll get your competitive freight quote in minutes.

While New Penn specializes in less-than-truckload shipments, volume shippers can also get added peace of mind and extra security with the exclusive use of a trailer for your shipment.

Whether or not you fill a trailer, our 99.9% damage-free delivery rating will give you confidence that your shipment will arrive safely.

If you have a lot of freight to move, turn to New Penn for great service at cost-effective pricing.

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