A Tradition of Putting the Customer First

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“They don’t make them like they used to.”

It’s an old saying but there’s a lot of truth to it. In many cases, that’s a good thing because newer is better. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone interested in trading their 60-inch color flatscreen for a 25-inch black and white bulky set. Aside from today’s tremendous high resolution image quality, an entire generation has never had to actually walk to the TV to change the channel!

But when it comes to transporting your freight, it’s nice to deal with companies that still offer old-school reliability, consistency and dependability. That’s New Penn. Over the 85 years we’ve been moving your customer freight on-time and damage-free, we’ve made some enormous changes.

Today we have a modern fleet of more than 850 tractors and 1,700 trailers, accident avoidance technology as well as other safety advances, fuel efficiency measures–as well as over 2,000 New Penn transportation experts eager to get your next-day shipment safely to its destination.

But what hasn’t changed is our tradition of always putting customers first. We still provide our customers with:

Simple and clear processes: Streamlined pricing in plain English and easy-to-understand invoices that reduce your administrative headaches.

Small-company “family” feel: You get broad, regional coverage with our 24 service centers but with a level of personalized service that’s hard to find these days.

Peace of mind: The reliability and consistency of New Penn services takes the worry out of shipping.

Single-source shipping: Choose from a range of flexible shipping options, with more next-day lanes than anyone else in the region.

Consistent service: The New Penn person you work with today is probably the same person you will work with tomorrow, next month and next year who immediately understands your service requirements.

When it comes to freight transportation companies, they really don’t make them like they used to. Today–and for the last 85 years–New Penn has been and is there for you–eager to demonstrate our commitment to consistently providing customers with reliable, quality service.

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