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Did you know our neighbor to the north is the largest trading partner to the United States? Canada receives more imported goods from the U.S.A. than any other country.

If you do business in Canada or just need to transport goods across our northern border, then New Penn should be your transportation partner of choice.

Start with the fact that you have more next-day shipping lanes to and from Canada with New Penn than any other carrier.

What does that ultimately mean? It means New Penn can get your deliveries where they need to be faster and with less handling.

Your shipment gains additional speed thanks to our 24-hour Customs Processing Center that expedites cross-border clearance by submitting paperwork the same day as pickup.

We also avoid delays by participating in the Canada Customs Pre-Arrival Review System that enables faster border clearance.

What else, you say? Well, we also participate in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and the Free and Secure Trade program that reduces inspection delays at the border as well as PARS.

New Penn ensures your shipment receives fast, on-time, cross-border delivery.

In addition to our standard services, you can also ship to Canada using one of our Guaranteed direct services available throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Need it there before or after a certain time or within a specific delivery-time window?

We can help you there!

New Penn has a range of delivery options, including Guaranteed Next-Day Service available to the Greater Toronto Area for a flat $60 charge on any size shipment.

If you have freight that’s heading across our border to the north and need fast, affordable freight services, then you should try New Penn and find out about our award-winning services.

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