This is listing of issues that have been submitted from the beta customers and any resolution or comments after we have researched the issues. Please check this page frequently to view currently submitted issues and any comments back from the developers.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Please use for your BOLs and labels until we have worked out all of the issues. We are actively testing changes and hope to resolve them shortly.

Due to the integration issues with BOL and Rate quote, we are extending the beta testing an additional week. Therefore, the site will be up and available through April 7.

Thank you for your patience during this beta time.

Please use the beta site to check shipment status through the new Current Shipment Tool, obtain shipping documents and download status reports. We have made enhancements to these tools that hopefully make it easier to obtain information on your shipments. We welcome any feedback on these tools as well.

  • When creating a BOL, there is an issue with downloading the PDF document. We working to resolve immediately.
  • Feedback: When requesting a rate quote you are unable to enter the BOL screen as you could before
  • Response: This is one of the integration issues we are still working on. You will be able to go to BOL or Pickups from a completed rate quote. We will post when this has been resolved.
  • Feedback: When completing a BOL the information is not automatically prefilling. For consignee or shipper information etc.
  • Response: We are currently testing a fix for this issue and will post pushing out to Beta soon.

Tueday, March 21, 2017

We are still experiencing issues creating the PDF of a completed bill of lading. Please use for your BOLs and labels until this issue is addressed.

Monday, March 20, 2017

First, Thank you for helping us with this beta testing launch. As with most beta launches, there will be issues that we will need to resolve. We appreciate your patience as we resolve these issues.

We are working on some integration issues today and have removed Returns from the tool selection. If you need to create a Returns bill of lading, please use

There may be some missing options at this time that you may be looking for as you move between tools. We are working to fix these as quickly as possible.

Please check back to this log for updates during the day.