Current Shipments

Automatically obtain a listing shipments that have not been delivered in the past 14 days and shipments that have been delivered in the past 2 automatically.

  • Select your location
  • Direction of outbound is set as the default. To view inbound or third party shipments, just click on the appropriate radio button
  • General information is displayed automatically for each shipment in the list
  • Each of the columns can be sorted by clicking arrows in the column headings
  • To view the shipment detail, click on the icon in the Actions column

Current Shipment Tracking

Enter up to 10 pro numbers to display the status and details of each of the shipments.

When entering Pro Numbers/Pickup Labels only, do not include any check digit or dashes. Enter only the first 8 numbers.

To enable NP Connect which will provide an email notification when the shipment is delivered, click in the box next to shipment to select. Enter 1 or 2 email addresses in the fields provided and click Submit.