Incomparable cross-border coverage


New Penn’s Canadian coverage can be summed up in three words–quick, convenient, and comprehensive.

What makes us the quickest to and from Canada is two distinct advantages–our industry-leading number of next-day lanes, and our unmatched expertise at the border.

New Penn engages in three distinct programs to lessen time spent in crossing: PARS, C-TPAT, and FAST. With these three systems in place our average crossing time per shipment is a mere three minutes. Anything faster than that would require us to start breaking rules.

What makes us the most convenient carrier to and from Canada is our wide array of service options. Guaranteed, next-day, second-day and window options, combined with our unparalleled speed, means that your goods will arrive on-time, at any time you need them.

And still, the convenience continues–our 24-hour customs processing center, real-time tracking and alerts systems, and dependable, responsive customer service staff make your border-bound shipments hassle and worry-free.

Finally, our comprehensiveness comes in the form of an expansive service footprint, with 95% of that area served next-day. And standard next-day and two-day delivery to all direct Ontario and Quebec points, as well as guaranteed second day window options to all direct Ontario points means that our coverage isn’t just wide, but robust.

And now, New Penn offers guaranteed, next-day delivery to the Greater Toronto Area for a flat rate of an additional 60 dollars (U.S.) per shipment. That’s truly uncomplicated value.

Shipping to and from Canada can be complicated with the wrong carrier. By putting all of your cross-border cargo in the expert care of New Penn, you gain confidence in the security of your supply-chain. Complete a request to have a Cross-Border Canada shipping expert contact you.

New Penn rewards customers earn double Rewards points for all cross-border shipments; so don’t settle for the sole reward of an on-time, damage-free delivery.

Contact your sales rep or account manager today to enroll in our Rewards program and ice the cake of exceptional cross-border service.

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