New Penn delivers guaranteed precision and peace of mind


Not all shipments are created equal when it comes to your supply chain’s priorities. While we at New Penn treat on time as a must for every delivery, sometimes your needs require an New Penn guaranteed delivery date optionsextra level of precision and assurance.

Need a Guaranteed Delivery Date?

That’s where New Penn Guaranteed Delivery Services come in. When your shipment is mission critical, you can gain precision performance and peace of mind with our 100 percent on-time guarantee. If we fail to deliver your shipment within your specified parameters, you receive an invoice of $0 without even needing to file a claim. No nonsense, no hassle, guaranteed.

Also, in addition to our day-definite guaranteed service, we now offer an array of window and precise window guaranteed delivery options to tailor our timing to your unique needs.

Window options include by 9:00 a.m., by 12:00 p.m. and by 3:30 p.m., and precise window options include one but less than two hour windows, and windows of two hours or more.

With that level of customization and flexibility, you can ensure that your sensitive shipments arrive on time . . . at exactly the time you need them.

Plus, with our Guaranteed services, you receive an instant Delivery Confirmation via email or fax within seconds of your shipment’s delivery. On-board computers allow your driver to issue a delivery confirmation over the New Penn network immediately after your shipment is unloaded safely at your docks.

At New Penn, we start with our customers’ needs and structure our services around them. With our extensive list of guaranteed delivery options, we seek to meet the individual needs of every customer.

Gain confidence with your next time-sensitive shipment by utilizing New Penn Guaranteed services. To select one of our guaranteed service options simply specify the guaranteed shipment on your BOL or place a guaranteed sticker on your BOL. You can also contact us at 1-800-285-5000.

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