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Choose Locations, Address Book, Bill of Lading Pickup and Other Carrier functionality added

We’ve added new functionality to the tools on our secure site. Now, when you login to or, you’ll see the tips that used to be on the right sides of the pages are now incorporated into the tool section headers as question marks. Simply click a question mark to pop up a window with help and tips for the section you’re in.

The tools may look a little different, but the functionality is much the same with a few additions.

Choose Locations

We have simplified the process of choosing a new location to replace your default location. Click the down arrow on Choose Location, and a list of all your available locations appears. Simply select a location you want; the selection window closes, and your location is updated in the section.

Introducing Address Book

We’ve created a handy Address Book to help you manage your shipper, consignee and third-party contacts. Available on the Shipping drop-down menu, Address Book enables you to maintain a contact list with detailed information, such as address, phone and store identification numbers. You can add, modify and delete entries, too. Additionally, you can use Address Book entries directly in Bill of Lading.

When you create a Bill of Lading for the first time after we install the new Address Book feature, you probably won’t have any entries. You can either add entries right from Bill of Lading or enter several, one after another, using the Address Book tool.

Other New Features in Bill of Lading

Another new feature is the capability to schedule a pickup when you submit your bill of lading (BOL). Simply click the box next to Schedule Pickup, then complete and submit your BOL. We’ll automatically schedule your pickup—you won’t even have to pick up the phone!

Additionally, you can now use our Bill of Lading tool to create a BOL for any carrier. When you select the Other Carrier option, you still have access to all your drafts, templates and the new Address Book. Using one, familiar tool, you can print a BOL, create labels and then affix the other carrier’s pro number.

Login today and discover for yourself how these new tools and enhancements can help make your life easier.

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