Pick-ups Overview

To enter a pickup, follow these steps:

  • Select an existing shipper location or New Shipper Location (see below)
  • If selecting an existing shipper location, click in the box to display your pickup locations.
  • Enter the destination zip code and click CONTINUE
  • Your selected location will display and the next step is to select your consignee. Click in the box to display a list of your consignees. Click on one in the list or select "New Consignee" and type the consignee information in the spaces provided. The computer "remembers" the consignees you shipped to in the zip code entered during the past four months, and displays them for you.
  • Enter/Confirm the date of pickup, the Ready Time and Close Time. The ready time must be at least one hour prior to the close time.
  • If the consignee requires a delivery appointment, check "Yes" and enter the purchase order or other reference number. Check "none" if there is no purchase order or other reference number available. If the New Penn systems indicate that the consignee selected requires an appointment, the web site will automatically check "Yes", and require you to enter a reference number or check "none."
  • If a guaranteed service is needed, click on the radio button and select the specific guaranteed service.
  • Check any additional services that may be needed for the pickup
  • Enter the weight in pounds and enter the number of Pallets, Cartons, Drums or Long. Long is defined as freight over 8 feet in length.
  • If any piece / pallet in the shipment is greater than 4 ft. in length or width, please indicate the total floor space required for your shipment.
  • Enter any comments if necessary
  • Click SUBMIT PICK-UP or click BACK to makes any changes before submitting the pick-up request.
  • The Pickup Confirmation number displayed after successfully creating your pickup may be used on the shipment tracking page to track your New Penn shipment from pickup to delivery.
  • From the confirmation page, you can create a new pick-up, cancel the pick-up or edit the pick-up.
  • To save this pick-up information as a template for future pick-ups to this consignee, enter a pick-up name in the field and click SAVE TEMPLATE
  • All submitted and cancelled pick-ups and saved templates can be found under the My Pick-Ups & Templates tools under the Your Tools listing on the left side of the page.

If NEW SHIPPER LOCATIONS appears as an option:

  • Enter both the origin and destination zip/postal codes and click SAVE & CONTINUE
  • Enter the all of the shipper and consignee information fields and click CONTINUE
  • Follow the remaining steps above to complete the pick-up.

How to create a pickup from a template:

  • Select the named template from the Create New Pick-Up Request from Template dropdown and click GO
  • Review the shipper and consignee information which is from that stored template and click CONTINUE
  • If any of this information is incorrect, you will need to start with a brand new pickup and not use the template.
  • Enter new pick up details and/or update any of the stored pickup data and click SUBMIT PICKUP
  • If needed, you can enter a new template name and click SAVE TEMPLATE to be used in the future