Rate Quote Overview

How to complete a rate quote:

  • Select your location from the Customer Code drop down list
  • Select the appropriate Payment Terms from the drop down list
  • If COD is needed for the quote, enter the COD amount in the appropriate field
  • Based on the payment term selected, enter either the destination zip/postal code (Outbound) or origin zip/postal code (Inbound) or both for third party
  • If the rate quote is for a Canadian shipment, enter only the first 3 characters of the Canadian postal code
  • If the zip code is not known, click on Zip Finder and enter the city name and pick the state from the drop to obtain a listing of possible zip/postal codes. Click on the correct one and it will be transferred automatically over to the rate quote page
  • Enter the Class and weight
  • If additional line items are needed, click on Add Line Item to display another set to enter
  • If you have customized pallet rates, click banner and select the unit type from the drop down and enter number of units
  • Check the box in front of any additional services needed for the rate quote
  • If the freight contains over dimensional attributes, enter that information. Additional explanation is shown in the Over Dimensional Rules drop down
  • Click CONTINUE to obtain the rate quote selection
  • Select your service and click SUBMIT
  • The details of the quote are shown below with the Total charges and Quote Number on the header of the quote box
  • The details are displayed below, along with a break down of the rates and charges from the quote
  • Action buttons to Change Service, start a New Quote, Schedule Pickup or Create BOL are shown at the top and bottom of the quote detail box