Return Overview

How to enter a Return Bill of Lading

  • Select a Returns template from the drop down list and click GO, if using a template
  • Select the location to return the shipment
  • Enter the origin zip code of where the shipment is to be pickup up and click the CONTINUE button
  • Select a shipper from the drop down list, if available or enter the shipper information in the spaces provided
  • Enter the third party/bill-to information, if applicable
  • Click CONTINUE to begin entering the shipment details
  • Confirm the Raady Time, Close Time and Date of the shipment. the ready time must be at least one hour prior to the close time. If the pickup is for the current business day, the current time must be at least one hour prior to the close time.
  • If the receiving location request a delivery appointment, check YES and enter the return authorization number or other reference number. Check "None" if there is no return authorization number available. If the New Penn system indicates that the consignee selected requires an appointment, the web site will automatically check "Yes" and require a reference number to be entered or check "None"
  • Check any additional services that may apply to this shipment
  • Enter the number of units, unit types, class, weight (in pounds) and description in the applicable fields. Only 3 of the 4 unit categories shown below can be used at one time on a bill of lading.
  • Bundles and Long (over 8 feet in length) are in the same shipping unit category
  • Crates, Pallets and Totes are in the same shipping unit category
  • Drums are in a separate shipping unit category
  • Enter a description for each item
  • Check hazardous, poison or food fields, if needed
  • If hazardous has been checked, additional fields will be displayed to be completed. The Emergency Response number is required to be on file with New Penn. If your company is registered with a company that specializes in cleanup of hazardous materials, then enter the company name registered with and/or the contract number on record with that company.
  • To add an additional line item, click on the ADD LINE ITEM link on the page
  • Click PREVIEW to review all of the information that has been entered
  • Add an email address if NP Connex notification is requested
  • Enter an email address to send a PDF copy of the BOL
  • Click EDIT to change any of the data on the bill of lading before submission
  • The tracking number will be displayed. Click on the BOL icon to create the PDF document to print

How to create a template for a standard bill of lading or return bill of lading

Follow the instructions for creating a bill of lading or a return bill of lading. After successfully submitting the bill of lading or return, you can save that bill as a template. Just name the template in the field provided and click SAVE TEMPLATE. Templates allow you to start the billing process with pre-filled information to work through tool to to quickly create bills from the same shipper to the same consignee. All of the information is saved, with the exceptions of the following fields: appointment flag, purchase order number, bill of lading number, pickup date, quantities, weights, size, declared value and extended liability value. These fields are normally unique per shipment.

To use a template, just select the template from the drop down listing of templates. Just enter the remaining information that is applicable to finish the standard bill or a return from the template and submit. If any information needs updated as you are working within the template, just make those changes as you work through the bill of lading. Templates can be used over and over and can be modified or deleted as necessary.